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What is Tui Na?

At Golden Hands Chinese Bodyworks in Pittsburgh, we specialize in Tui-Na massage therapy, a form of Chinese bodyworks treatment often used with acupressure, tai chi, and qigong. This technique is widely used to balance the yin and yang through Chinese Taoist principles.

Tui-Na massage uses brush, knead, roll, and rub motions to move energy within the meridians and muscles reducing pain through deep tissue massage. From there, the practitioner can then use different methods such as traction, acupressure, motion, and massage to treat alternate conditions such as back and neck pain, headaches, stress, and tension.

Traditional Chinese Medicine involves many Tui-Na techniques. It is taught in many TCM schools as part of the Oriental medicine training. It is also taught for the treatment of pain and injury with sports therapy.

When it comes to modern drug based treatments, Tui-Na has much less side effects. This form of massage therapy has been used to treat muscular-skeletal and chronic disorders of the reproductive, respiratory, and digestive systems.

History of Tui Na

The history of Tui-Na dates back to ancient China. Tui-Na at that point was classified as an external method for use with the elderly and infants. Since this technique was developed over 2,000 years ago, it has progressed into the treatment for many more forms of therapy such as, orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine, etc…

Before Tui-Na, the first reference to this type of external treatment was called "anwu" (later changed to “anmo”). Once it gained popularity it started to develop and gain structure, adding a bone-setting deep manipulation specialty, and thus creating what we now call Tui-Na.

Tui-Na is still a very popular treatment in China. It is typical to see practitioners working in parks and street corners looking for people in need of bodywork treatment. This occupation is very appropriate for people with physical disabilities, especially blind people as it can heighten their sense of touch.

Tui Na at Golden Hands Chinese Bodywork LLC

When you visit us for a Chinese massage in Pittsburgh, your practitioner will use a flow of rhythm to push the energy along channels within the body along with other techniques that enable energy flow and loosen the joints. This form of Tui-Na has been used in China for more than 2,000 years.

This technique is extremely relaxing. When you keep coming back to Golden Hands Chinese Bodywork, we will develop an awareness of your Qi so you will feel your wellness progress and improve. Tui Na is a unique system of hands-on treatment, offering profound effects.

Similar to acupressure, Tui Na directly affects the energy within the body by holding and pressing the body at acupressure points.

Your Pittsburgh massage therapy practitioner can focus on specific locations to help you relax and alleviate stress and pain. Tui Na provides relief to muscle and joint pain. In addition you will notice a deeper internal correction to problems such as asthma and breathing problems, along with female problems.
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Tui-Na is Chinese style massage.

Massage as a method of bodywork treatment of people using their hands acting on your body, the area where you feel pain and acupoints the place of pain, specifically the use of push, pull, pressure, Moldova, knead, pinch, point, shoot a variety of means such as to clear the meridians, the implementation of blood, supporting wound pain, Quxie righting, yin and yang effect.

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