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We are the newest source for Chinese massage Pittsburgh has to offer. As a Chinese Bodywork and Wellness Center, we provide authentic Tuina - Chinese style massage therapy in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We are a family oriented business.

If your muscles feel tight, or neck and back muscles feel sore, come here and our hands can make you feel better.

Modern medicine, manipulation of the physical stimulation, the active area caused by biophysical and biochemical changes in the physiological response of local tissue, this reaction, by reflex and humoral regulation of circulation, on the one hand be strengthened, on the other hand secondary cause the overall reaction, resulting in a series of pathophysiological changes in the process to achieve the therapeutic effect.

The role of local tissue massage, such as our massage therapy in Pittsburgh, it was observed that direct contact with the skin friction and class action practices, you can clear decline in the epithelial cells, improve skin breath, sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion is conducive to enhance the skin shiny and elastic; strong stimulation techniques, can cause some cells break down proteins, producing histamine histamine and class material, together with means of mechanical energy into heat integrated role to promote telangiectasia, and enhance the nutritional supply of the local skin and muscle so that muscle atrophy can be improved, promoting repair damaged tissue ; the intermittent compression techniques can increase blood circulation and lymphatic circulation faster (some in the dog's thick tube inserted into the lymphatic vessels, to see after massage than before massage lymph flow increased 7 times faster; both sides of the knee in rabbits injection of India ink, and the side of the knee joint massage, massage, after that of intra-articular side of the ink has been moved to a distance, without the massage side of the joint most of the ink is still retained.) Because the tumor tissue blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to improve and accelerate the absorption of edema and lesions products that eliminate swelling contracture; pulled, plucked, the entire complex and some practices, such as the movement joints practices, are able to remove soft tissue spasm, adhesions, incarceration and dislocation.

Through the nerves, bodily fluids, manipulation of local operations, and our bodyworks treatment, we can have an effect overall. Nervous system, massage can adjust the relative balance of excitation and inhibition. But the way the light rhythmic ease, repeated stimulation, inhibition of nerve sedative effect. Rapid heavier, shorter way, the role of nerve excitability. EEG changes was observed after the massage, see a wave amplitude increases, and increases the amplitude of the time extension of this phenomenon may be caused after massage due to the inhibition of the development. According to spinal cord segments reflection, massage the neck, upper limbs and brain can regulate blood circulation and reduce intracranial pressure, and lower blood pressure; l ~ 2 in the thoracic department, vibration and tapping with the way the heart can cause reflex , expressed as myocardial contraction; vibration knock 1 or 2 lumbar spine, pelvic congestion make small; Chiropractic, which can cause stomach and intestines faster; press Quepen caves sympathetic stellate nodules, can occur pupil dilation, blood vessel relaxation, skin temperature increased in the ipsilateral limb; massage the lower abdomen and inner thigh, can cause contraction of the urinary bladder, treatment retention; abdominal massage can promote the secretion of gastric motility and digestive gland.


Tui-Na style Chinese bodywork treatments are a Chinese Massage that is extremely relaxing for your body; helping you feel better.  Extremely effective treatments are available for your back, neck and shoulders in addition to your head, legs and feet.  Come into our store if you have pain, our hands can make you feel better.

No matter if you want 30 minutes, or an extended 90 minute (or more) your satisfaction is our number-one goal.  Golden Hands Chinese Bodywork LLC products and services are delivered with an unmatched level of personal attention.  If your muscles feel tight, or neck and back muscles feel sore, come here and our hands can make you feel better.  Let is help ease the stress and pressures; come in and relax while you receive the best Chinese massage around.

Our Promise

Customer satisfaction is our number-one goal.   Golden Hands Chinese Bodywork LLC provides each customer with personal attention.  We use Tui-Na style Chinese Bodywork; a Chinese style of Massage that is extremely relaxing.  Our Pittsburgh store provides a modern home like environment with comfortable lighting and decor, all new clean linens and surround-sound audio system to enhance your experience.

All massages are offered at an affordable price.

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Tui-Na is Chinese style massage.

Massage as a method of bodywork treatment of people using their hands acting on your body, the area where you feel pain and acupoints the place of pain, specifically the use of push, pull, pressure, Moldova, knead, pinch, point, shoot a variety of means such as to clear the meridians, the implementation of blood, supporting wound pain, Quxie righting, yin and yang effect.

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